Mary’s THC Capsules (20mg)



Product Description

Mary’s Medibles 20mg THC capsules – perfect for those who want a new way to take their medication. Unlike smoking cannabis, ingesting it in pill form has some notable differences. For one thing, you’re sparing your lungs – even vaping is not ideal. Also, the concentrated dosage makes sure you get a more direct effect that won’t last as notoriously long as some rogue edibles.

THC pills are a common choice for people who wish to avoid smoking and don’t like edibles. Almost everybody reports a body high taking THC pills, and they also provide a strong psychoactive effect depending on the experience the user has with cannabis. THC pills aren’t recommended for people just starting out with cannabis products unless their symptoms are severe enough to warrant it.

  • Sold in groups of 5 capsules
  • Cannabis Oil Concentrate
  • 20mg THC per capsule
  • Lab Tested